Get a feel for how the first summer reading season went with Wandoo Reader. We're heavily focused on doing customer interviews because we don't have analytics on our software at the moment. 


We sent out a survey (using Typeform) to every customer that used Wandoo Reader last year and sent a follow up email to folks who didn't open our first survey email. Out of that group we had quite a few respond to the survey with their experience using the software. A few of the people who took our survey were willing to hop on the phone with us to elaborate on their experience.

Here are the summary stats:

Date: July 22nd 2015 (follow up survey was sent on July 27th)
Initial Stats: 446 Subscribers | 35.9% Open Rate | 16.8% Clicks 
Follow-Up Stats: 154 Subscribers | 5.3% Open Rate | 2.7% Clicks 
Responses: 64 Responses

Survey Questions:

  1.  What's your role in the library
  2. What was the best part about using Wandoo Reader
  3. What was the most frustrating part about using WR? 
  4. Is your library using the challenge feature, how is it going? Did you have fun with it? Have your patrons been completing challenges? 
  5. If you could wave a magic wand what would you change about WR? 
  6. What's the likelihood you would recommend WR to a friend or colleague? 
  7. Was there anything that impacted your answer to the previous question? 
  8. Want to continue the conversation? Leave your name and email address below and we'll set up a call.

# of Customer Interviews: 7

usage of summer reader vs wandoo reader

The Details


We still have surveys coming in but this represents the bulk of the responses we've had so far from the survey. We applied the value stream customer satisfaction scale to results which we've detailed below: 


Customers are frustrated and WR is not solving their problem


Customers are hopeful that WR will solve their problem


Customers had more success than pain, WR solved their problem


WR has deep emotional resonance with customers, they love it! 

customer interviews

We used Calendly to schedule our 30-minute interviews with customers and asked these questions: 

  1. Tell us about your library and what you do there. 
  2. Tell us about your summer reading programs and how they're setup.
  3. What have you heard from patrons about this years program? 
  4. What have you heard from staff? 
  5. Were there things that you created work arounds for? 
  6. What would you need to feel like WR is solving your problem next year? 
  7. What would make you excited to use WR next year? 
  8. What are you going to do for next year's program? 

Full audio interviews